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Flavor One Located in Brooklyn Park Minnesota, Flavor One, Dry Fruits, Mix Nuts, Spicy Pickles, soft drinks and men supplements Company is the house of the Agricultural bank, we have the best quality products, Flavor One offers more than Dates Fruit across the Middle East.

The vision of our company is to deliver the first-rate dates and other dry fruits to every man throughout the world. In . of journey of the expansion during the 8 years, Flavor One has always been committed to providing the unique varieties of your choice to all the countries like the USA, Middle East, and East Africa. The company aims at the expansion of its’ special and most dependable trade name of dates worldwide.

As a leading exporter and importer to wholesalers of mix nuts, dates, mix dates, spicy pickles, soft drinks, and bee pollen for men supplements, in the Agricultural market and a chief wholesaler.

Mixed Nuts Prices
Mixed Nuts for Sale

Flavor One has established it's warmhearted relationships with different business partners, retailers, local communities, and individual customers in the regions. Flavor One is fully excited to give a heavenly taste of its premium products to everyone in the globe.

We have more to come to the Agricultural Bank.